Our Apps

See below for a list of our Apps that are currently on the App Store. Follow the links to get more information.

Make it 13 – Use all the numbers in the puzzle by connecting contiguous boxes into groups that add up to 13. Sure, 4 x 4 might be easy, but what about 10 x 10? This can be a quick game or one that takes a while. It’s your choice how you want to play.

Memory Burn – remove all the colors from the puzzle to move by systematically selecting boxes that have at least 3 of the same colors next to it. Sounds easy? Well, how about if you can only see a small percentage of the screen at any one time. Fun and addictive, easy to understand, only your memory can make you an expert.

Add em Up – remove all the numbers from the puzzle. To do so, you must select a group of numbers in a rectangle that adds up to, but not over the target number. The more boxes you use the higher your score, but remember you have to use them all.

Cross Number – adding is simple right? How about having to re-order a puzzle so that each column and each row has a specific sum. 4 x 4, 5 x 5, and on. You can make it as simply or complex as you want.

Coordinate Challenge – play fast against the computer or a friend. Try to score the most points by using adjustments to both the X and Y axis to get you to the next point on the coordinate system. This is a fun game for kids and adults alike who want to get more comfortable with the coordinate system.

Make it Ten – Be quick in this game of answering simple mathematical equations. Can you beat the clock to get them all done? Can you beat your friend’s score. A great leaning game for kids who are just getting started with Subtraction and Addition.

We hope you find one or more enjoyable to play and learn.

Make it Ten – For kids starting out with addition and subtraction, this fun and addictive game can help them learn their numbers. Compete against time to solve simple equations and learn at the same time!